How We Do It

Turning Ideas into Reality — What Does it Take?


The Process
All marketing projects start with ideas. Yours and ours. Every project is different and requires different solutions. We begin with a discovery meeting where we ask questions and listen closely. The solutions are directly related to the discovery process. We have been awarded many projects just on this fact alone. Simple but true. Until we know the background of your business and your goals we can only offer basic solutions. Once we have this knowledge we can customize a plan for you.

Next Steps
We are believers in a cross media approach, allowing for several different modes of reaching your audience. This includes direct mail, email, web, interactive, social media or any combination of these methods. New and creative solutions are keyed off your database and allows for creative and individualized approaches to reach your market, even a micro market.

Final Product
Whether your project is a printed brochure, update to your website or email campaign, we will stay on task and committed to the initial goal by following through on the process, paying attention to every detail along the way.

This process helps determine the best marketing mix to build and maintain communications with your target audience. While the design and marketing process is needed for many clients, for some, however, the needs are simpler. We are a trusted resource for quick turn printing, mailing, signage, promotional items and collateral material.

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