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Mailing Lists

Who cares about mailing lists? Isn’t mail dead? That is so far from the truth. Like so many trends that swing back and forth like a pendulum, mail is back, alive and well (it actually never left).

Every marketer was telling you digital was the way to go to find new prospects and talk to your existing clients, swinging that pendulum. And that is true, but what they are now saying, as open and click through rates are declining, a combination of touch points that includes direct mail will yield higher results.

There are many different ways to utilize purchased mailing lists. Prospecting, filling in geographic areas around a targeted location, finding a very specific market for a specialized product or service, combining mailing and emailing with a list that supplies both addresses and emails; the options are vast. But how you go about finding that mailing list is key.

Do It Yourself
You can do this yourself. There are online resources that let you cull out a list by plugging in information and generating a list through an automated process. This can be effective and may be what your budget allows, but you need to know what you are looking for.

Hire A Professional

The other way to go is to have a professional do the work for you. In the end, this may or may not cost more than the DIY method, depending upon how specific a list you are researching. No matter which way you choose to go, you should do a little background work that will streamline your process.

A professional will know the right questions to ask and make sure the list is the best one for your needs before you purchase it. And, a professional guarantees their lists and their deliverability.

Of course the list purchase is only part of your success. The design, content and
messaging all come into play. There are volumes of information about that, and we will save that for another time.

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Piece

Before You Buy a List
• Is the list for consumers or business?
• Is there a targeted geographic area?
• Is there a targeted income level or company size?
• Are there particular interests or specialties?
• Do you need both a mailing and email list?
• What size list will your budget allow?
• How will the list be used?
• How many times will you need to use the list, over what period of time?

Ask Your List Provider
• How is the list compiled?
• What is the guaranteed delivery rate of the list?
• If a list doesn’t exist for my targeted audience, is there a way I can still reach them?
• How fresh is the list?
• What data will I receive with the list?
• Is the list for one-time use or for multiple usage?

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