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Before we get lost in technical jargon, let’s clarify that a microsite is a website, just a smaller version.

A microsite can have many different uses. We recommend a microsite when a client’s website is large and there is a specific message or event that needs a clean, direct
line to connect the audience to the pertinent information. Usually it is used for only one message and purpose. In some cases, if the message is simple without the need for a lot of information, a landing page may be sufficient.

A microsite can be designed and built quickly and contains key words and meta tags that are unique to the audience you are trying to reach, which may be different than the audience for the main website. This allows for greater search engine optimization (SEO) so the targeted audience can find the information easily. It can contain information that is time sensitive or is available for a limited period of time.

Microsites are very successful for fundraising events. Since we typically build these as WordPress sites, the client can easily make updates themselves. The sites are nimble, can be changed quickly and can focus on the main event. As with any other website, we can link to an existing donation or payment site.

Contests and Incentives
We conducted a successful contest for a client that involved a microsite for tracking responses and directing the visitor through a specific sequence of page content before they received their “reward.” This is a great way to get your audience involved in an interactive campaign.

Sales and Trial Offers
For retailers, restaurants or companies that have a product to sell, microsites are a great way to drive business to a limited time sale or offer. You can track this separately from your main site and include a direct link in other correspondence that leads customers directly to the information you want them to see.

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