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Plan Now for More Effective Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are still the most effective way to connect with prospects and existing customers. To make the most of trade shows, meetings and events, you need to plan ahead.

There are many opportunities to promote your business with appreciation gifts, awards and of course give-away items. There are items available at all price points that can make a lasting impression.

To start, you want to let customers know you will be present at an event. Get a list of those attending. You can start your dialogue by introducing a cross media campaign that may consist of a direct mail piece along with an email and social media. You can customize your message to those who already know you and to those you are prospecting.

You can offer incentives for someone to stop by your booth. This could be an item you send them to wear at an event so they are identified for a special prize. Or, this could be a special code they receive and need to enter at the registration at the event, or enter to receive a gift by accepting an appointment with you. There are many possibilities to raise the excitement and engagement level pre-meeting.

Keep in mind your objectives and what you want to get out of the meeting. If you want to capture data information, such as a prospect’s email, then you will want to reward them for supplying that. If you want them to purchase something, then you may want to offer a special code as an incentive.

Always consider your audience and what they will find valuable and useful. Think about your goals and objectives and work backwards. An item doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable or in demand. If something has the appearance of being exclusive or creates a buzz amongst the attendees that is the item you want. You may also want to have items at different price points starting with less expensive items to be given away in mass, moving up to higher priced items that are reserved for existing customers or someone with whom you have made a follow up appointment.

Successful meetings take some planning, and the sooner you get a creative team involved in the process, the better. The more prepared we can make you, the better outcome you will have.

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